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Prices for lessons are to be agreed, starting from £15 per hour. Payment should be made before the commencement of the lesson. Payment methods can be seen by selecting the payments tab above.




I understand that sometimes schedules change unavoidably and that you may need to cancel a lesson. If this happens, please inform me as soon as possible. When you book a lesson the time is reserved for you and will not be allocated to another student. If you do have to cancel, giving at least 48 hours' notice means that the time may be re-allocated to another student, and your lesson can be rescheduled at a time convenient to you. Lessons missed without 48 hours' notice may be charged at the normal rate.




For online lessons you will need a strong and reliable internet connection and a destop or laptop pc, notebook or ipad. Lessons are possible on smartphones, but they are not ideal. Earphones or headphones and an external microphone may be advantageous. You will need to be able to use Skype, Zoom, or a similar application.





Prices, payment terms and deadlines for proofreading are negotiable. Proofreading can significantly improve grades for academic work, but grades cannot be guaranteed. I make every effort to ensure that the final draft of your work will contain no errors, but this cannot be guaranteed. It is your responsibilty to check and adhere to the rules of your college, university or employer regarding plagiarism and the use of proofreading services.




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