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Grammar and logic are always my weaknesses during study. When I was doing my dissertation, I always struggled in these difficulties. Fortunately, Nick was my English tutor, he helped me to improve the grammar and also re-arrange the logic of my dissertation. Moreover, I think the best part of his assistance is he always guided me how to improve and encourage me to be more creative instead of just tell me what to write.

By Nick’s profession in English tutoring and teaching, he knows how to increase the flexibility of words, that also helped me a lot on the extension of dissertation contents.

Teaching is a job needs patience and interest, and Nick has both, that’s why I’ll recommend you to be his student!


Wan-Jung, Taiwan.



The proofreading was very good. It definitely improved the grades for my essays. I could see the changes Nick made, and this helped to improve my English. It was easy to contact Nick to ask questions.


Mikhail, London.



I had another great session with Nick. The lesson was very productive and good fun as well. I really like the way Nick explains things - even some really tricky phrases have become crystal clear :) Thank you!!


Tatiana, Russian Federation.



Excellent first lesson with Nick


Ignazio, Italy.



Nick is a good and experienced teacher. He can accurately point out your problem in your spoken English, and he also gives your confidence. The lesson have substantial content assisted with vivid pictures and text.


Sela, China.



Excellent lesson! Nick has helped me with a professional document. He has given to me interesting suggestions about the grammar and the writing. Now my document is much better. Thank you.


Xavier, Spain.



It was a nice lesson for me. Nick corrected my English speaking and gave me an alternative expression to describe what I wanted to say. He has a lot of topics which interest me so much. I will try to speak more at his lesson.


Toru, Japan.



Nick seems to be quiet encouraging. I appreciate his help in correcting few of my pronunciations as well. Also I appreciate the efforts that Nick puts in giving me the exercises that are enjoyable and the way he explains the things.He really gets you the articles that not only interests you but he also encourages the discussion. I feel he is a great help to me !


Swarnim, India.



Very very interesting. Was incredible. Thanks for all.


Bruno, Argentina.



Nick is very kind and patient. He is a good talker. I recommend his lessons. Thank you, Nick for your time. See you soon.


Monica, Spain.



Many useful advice got by this easygoing and competent teacher. Very helpful and interesting conversation.


Antonio, Italy.



it was very nice talking to you, Nick. Thank you! He told me about London with pictures.


Mai, Japan.



Interesting approach with Nick. He is a very approachable teacher and articultes quite well. I have understood him perfectly. Looking forward to meeting him again and discussing interesting topics.


Nice lesson. We have worked on some idiomatic English expressions after a little chat about how our week has been going on so far. Nick has provided me with an English book that I believe it´s going to help me abroad my vocab. Thanks again:)


Blanca, Spain.



It's really good expenrence! Nick is so kind!


Nana, China.



l like your accent very much, it sounds exactly the same as I heard from BBC:)


Lilian, Taiwan.



A very enjoyable conversational lesson! Thank you for it!


Yvona, Slovakia.



It was great time with NICK! I think it's wonderful to talk about and learn other culture. Thanks a lot :)


Claire, S. Korea.



It was really great and useful lesson for me! Thank you very much, Nick! Hope to hear you soon.


Evgeny, Russian Federation.



Today we read a speech - David Cameron's Commons Tribute to Margaret Thatcher, until page 2. It was interesting. Thank you. Let's continue reading next time.


Mia, S. Korea



Nice chat. We talked about how get a bit of fluency in english. Nick was really professional and helpful.


Anna Maria, Italy.



l have a good time with the teacher!l enjoy our talking! the teacher is very kind.


Kitty, China.






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